Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christian Coffee Houses Charlotte Nc

takeAResT. Shooting "People paused" by F. Coia, Sunday, September 19 @ Blanco

Despite the relentless summer have passed none of us have decided to cut and run, but rather, on September 19 we returned from our undeserved holiday all together ( : -]) to offer music, color and so many clicks that can make you look "as beautiful as you are" in your naturalness.

PEOPLE IN PAUSE, shooting Francesco Coia takeAResT inextricably linked to the project. enriches this month of six new players, waiting for new inspiration will conquer us all embrace renewing our call for Sunday, October 17 with the first installment in the winter edition. New clima, nuova formula, vecchie tradizioni, same difference. takeAResT.


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